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Can you name the facts about Link and his transformations in Majora's Mask?

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Member of the ______ race. 
Who loses his traveling companion, ______... 
when these two scare her off... 
Plays the... 
He becomes himself again when he plays this song... 
Becomes an honorary member of this group... 
Is called this by Romani, because of his green clothing... 
Is called this by Anju's Grandmother, potentially out of sheer senility. 
Saves Termina by playing which song to summon the Four Giants? 
And ultimately gains the power of the _________ in order to take on Majora. 
Deku Link
Theorized to be the spirit of... 
Who is transformed into a... 
The being that transforms him is... 
Plays the... 
His standard attack is? 
His magical attack is? 
His unique mode of transportation is? 
During which he can use which item to attack? 
Can open the path to Woodfall Temple with what song? 
Is attacked on sight by what creature in South Clock Town... 
Goron Link
Is the spirit of... 
Who was killed by a windstorm generated by which invisible creature? 
Before his death, he was the champion of which Goron sport? 
Plays the... 
His standard attack is? 
His secondary attack, which utilizes his girth, is? 
His magical attack/unique method of transportation involves? 
He uses these explosive items, which no other transformation can... 
Can Open the path to Snowhead Temple with which song? 
He can withstand what that the other two transformations cannot? 
Zora Link
Is the spirit of... 
A member of which famous band? 
Who is attempting to rescue what? 
From this group, who fatally wound him? 
Plays the... 
His close range attack is? 
His long range attack uses what as boomerangs? 
His magical attack is? 
Can survive what that the other two transformations cannot? 
Can open the path to Great Bay Temple playing which song? 

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