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Can you name the trios found throughout the Legend of Zelda series?

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Triforce Pieces
Triforce Wielders
Golden Goddesses/Oracles
Obnoxious Fairy Companions
Human Supporting Characters (LoZ)
Quest Items Required to Learn Spells (AoL)
Spell-Casting Medallions (LttP)
Weapons Capable of Damaging Ganon (LttP)
Ocarina Songs (Link's Awakening)
'Mario' Protagonists with a Cameo (Link's Awakening)
Lon Lon Ranch Inhabitants (OoT)
Spiritual Stones (OoT)
Oversized Gorons (OoT)
Phases of Final Boss Battle (MM)
Characters that Give Transformation Masks (MM)
Deku Mask 
Goron Mask 
Zora Mask 
Masks Resulting in Dancing ReDeads (MM)
People Possessed by Veran (Oracle of Ages)
Habitated Towns in Holodrum (Oracle of Seasons)
Animal Partners (Oracles' Games)
Hylian Speaking Guardian Deities (Wind Waker)
Kidnapped Girls in Forsaken Fortess (Wind Waker)
Time Measures When Conducting Songs with the Wind Waker
Types of Minish (The Minish Cap)
Locations in 4 Swords
Alternate Links (4 Swords)
Collectable Items (Twilight Princess)
Bomb Types (Twilight Princess)
Goron Elders within the Goron Mines (Twilight Princess)
Pure Metals (Phantom Hourglass)
Enemy Trains (Spirit Tracks)

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