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Common nameScientific name
rose family
fig/mulberry family
plantain family
gentian family
acanthus family
daisy/sunflower/composite family
amaryllis family
caltrop/bean-caper family
pine family
dogbane family
custard apple family
cypress family
mustard/cabbage/crucifer family
knotweed/buckwheat family
beech/oak family
morning glory/bindweed family
carrot/parsley/umbellifer family
ivy family
cactus family
myrtle family
laurel family
heath/heather family
phlox/Jacob's-ladder family
caper family
orchid family
gesneriad family
four o'clock family
ice plant/fig-marigold family
lily family
borage/forget-me-not family
Common nameScientific name
bellflower family
buttercup/crowfoot family
mallow family
spurge family
arum family
cashew/sumac family
protea family
bignonia family
gourd family
sedge family
nettle family
pepper family
rue/citrus family
coca family
pink/carnation family
mint/deadnettle family
iris family
goosefoot family
asparagus family
madder/coffee/bedstraw family
soapberry family
bean/pea/legume family
amaranth family
grass family
melastome family
figwort family
nightshade family
broomrape family
phyllanthus family
palm family

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