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Reworded TitleAnswer
The Reappearance of the Awesome Group of Three Plus Four
For a Slightly Larger Amount of American Currency
Encourage the Firearm Combatant in Your Community
Ill-Behaved Young Females
Criminals of the United States
The Yellow-belly Robert Ford who Eliminated Jesse James
Angelic Cascading Water
It is Certain the Shedding of Vital Fluid is in Store
Sweeping Fields
The Layer of Bets
A Companionless Avian Symbol of Peace
A Man Whose Appellation is that of a Species of Equine
A Particular Band Whose Ages are Greater Than Forty-Five
A Hand Full of Trinitrotoluene (Lower Your Head You Gullible Individual)
Roamer of the Elevated Grasslands
Combat With Firearms Located in the O.K. Corral
Reworded TitleAnswer
Transfer to My Possession the Cranium of Alfredo Garcia
The Pomaceous Fruit Potsticker Band
A Criminal Known as Josey Wales
The Juvenile from San Francisco
Individuals Numbering Two Times Two in Favor of the Lone Star State
On the Other Side of the Waterway
The Grim Reaper Travels Upon an Equine
A Man in Mexico
A Popular Variant of Poker Using Four Plus One Playing Cards
The Most Unsteady Firearm in the American Occident
The Untamed Group
An Unfavorable Diurnal Period at the Extremely Dark Stone
The Territory Located at Great Distance
The Conflict Located in a Route Named for the Apache People
Statutes as Well as Uniformity
The Fox

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