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Reworked TitleAnswer
Possess Firearm, Amenable to Excursion
Firearm Discharge Gases
The Man from The Commonwealth of Virginia
Caravan of Conestogas
Unorthodox Person
Man Charged with the Enforcement of Legal Statutes
The Man Skilled with a Long Distance Firearm
He Who Shares the Name of an Algonquian People of Montana
Unrestrained Equine Back Alley
Uncured Leather
Reworked TitleAnswer
A Rover Without a Companion
The Expansive Basin
Desired by Law Enforcement: Bereft of Life or Living
The Elevated Shrubland
The Doubly Untamed American Occident
Also Known as Smith and Jones
Fragmented Recurve Bow Ammunition
The Way in Which the American Occident was Victoriously Procured
The Expansive Land

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