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Who scored the first ever goal in the Premier League?
Who is the leading goalscorer in the Premier League history?
At Blackburn, which two strikers were referred to as SAS?
Which South African striker scored 18 goals in the 2006/2007 season?
Which current Leicester player scored the 20,000th Premier League goal?
In 2000/2001, an African player came joint 10th with 11 goals scored, who was it?
Who was the top scorer in the first Premier League season?
Who has scored the most own goals in Premier League history?
Which ex Bolton striker conceded 782 fouls?
How many teams were in the first season of the Premier League?
In which season did Blackburn win the league?
Which Norwegian scored 4 goals after coming off the bench?
Which current 34 year old retired player scored the fastest ever goal?
Who has scored a goal for seven different clubs?
Which current league 2 team have the record for the highest scoring game?
Who has scored the fastest ever hat trick?
On Saturday 20th September 2014, who was the first Kenyan to score in the league?
Which Australian goalkeeper has kept clean sheets for four different teams?
Which Dutch striker scored in 10 consecutive games for Man United?
What is Joe Hart's first name?
How many goalkeepers have scored in the league?
Who scored the first ever Premier League hat trick playing for Leeds?
Who has the lowest ever points total?
Who was the first non-British manager to win the league?
How many different countries have a goalscorer in the league?

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