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Group 1
Who was the 1988 World Champion? 
Which team has won the most races? 
How many Italian circuits have hosted a championship race? 
Who was the only tyre supplier from 1999-2000 and 2007-2010? 
What nationality is Takuma Sato? 
Which circuit includes corners such as Eau Rouge and Blanchimont? 
How many points were awarded for a race win in 2015? 
Which team won the Constructors' Championship in 1995? 
In which year did Indianapolis last host a Grand Prix? 
Who took their first win at the 1955 British GP? 
As of 2015, who holds the record for the most Grand Prix starts? 
With which team did Jim Clark spend his entire F1 career? 
In which country would you find the Estoril circuit? 
From what grid position did Jacques Villeneuve start his first F1 race? 
For which team did Jenson Button make his F1 debut? 
Who was the 1975 World Champion? 
Who was the title sponsor for the McLaren team from 1974-1996? 
What engine supplier did the Williams team use from 1989-1997? 
Who holds the record for the most Driver's World Championships? 
How many race wins did Gerhard Berger achieve in F1? 
Who is the only Malaysian F1 driver to-date? 
Who won the 2008 Canadian GP? 
Which team did Damon Hill drive for in 1997, having won the world championship the year before? 
Which of the 2015 F1 teams is based in Switzerland? 
Who owned the Brabham team from 1971-1987? 
Group 2
Name a driver who raced for Jordan in 1994 
Which driver took Ayrton Senna out of the 1988 Italian GP? 
Which circuit hosted the 1982 Swiss GP? 
What type of engines were banned by the FIA in 1989? 
How many times did Brands Hatch host a championship F1 race? 
Which driver was nicknamed 'El Maestro'? 
How many different American circuits have hosted a championship F1 race? 
Who was President of the FIA from 1993-2009? 
Which team won the inaugural Constructors' Championship in 1958? 
Who deputised for Michael Schumacher when he broke his leg during the 1999 season? 
Who finished as runner-up to Jack Brabham in the 1966 World Championship standings? 
Name one of the countries that Bertrand Gachot represented during his F1 career 
Who scored the Onyx team's only points in F1? 
What was iconic about the Tyrrell P34? 
Who was the title sponsor of the unsuccessful Lola team entry in 1997? 
Name any team for which Johnny Herbert raced in 1994 
From 1996-2002, within what percentage of the fastest qualifying time did all cars have to be in order to qualify for the race? 
What entry number did Damon Hill have on his Williams cars in 1993 and 1994? 
What nationality is Pedro Lamy? 
What was the name of the competition in 1987 created for drivers of cars with normally-aspirated engines? 
How many drivers competed in the 1982 San Marino GP? 
Which circuit hosted the Belgian GP in 1972 and 1974? 
To the nearest mile, how long was the final F1 incarnation of the Nurburgring Nordschleife used in 1976? 
Which country had F1 circuits such as Mosport Park and Mont Tremblant? 
Who is Argentina's most recent F1 driver? 
Group 3
What engine supplier did the Arrows team use in 1987 and '88? 
Who was the only driver to win their first F1 race (discounting the first ever race)? 
Who scored his only race win at the 1972 Monaco GP? 
Which circuit hosted the 1967 French GP? 
Why was Eagle driver Al Pease disqualified from the 1969 Canadian GP? 
Which Japanese driver once quipped: 'It is possible to do more with this car - the only problem is my driving!' 
How many drivers competed for the Jordan team during the 1993 season? 
Who is the only female F1 driver to have finished a race in the points? 
What caused the start of the 1981 Monaco GP to be delayed by an hour? 
By what nickname is the Brabham BT46B better known? 
Who designed circuits such as Sepang, Bahrain and Marina Bay? 
On which lap did Mika Hakkinen retire from the 2001 Spanish GP? 
Who has been the F1 safety car driver since 2000? 
Which technical revolution did Ferrari pioneer in 1989? 
With which team did Dan Gurney take his first F1 race win? 
Which driver was known by the nickname 'Red 5'? 
Which circuit includes corners such as Tarzan and Hugenholtzbocht? 
Who replaced Ron Dennis as McLaren team principal in 2009? 
Who started on pole position at the 1957 Italian GP? 
How many members of the Villeneuve family have entered an F1 championship event? 
Who did Ayrton Senna veto from becoming his Lotus team-mate in 1986, prompting the team to sign rookie Johnny Dumfries instead? 
Name any of the Top 3 finishers of the 1975 Austrian GP 
What engine supplier did the Ligier team use in 1991? 
To the nearest 10 miles per hour, what top speed did Antonio Pizzonia reach at the 2004 Italian GP? 
What was the newly introduced revolution limit for F1 engines in 2007 and 2008? 

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