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a hook focuses on sensory language and telling a story
a hook asks a question is later answered in the essay
a hook lists a series of interesting facts
a hook gets your reader arguing with you
MLA style, you predominantly __ space
thesis statement's purpose is always
Global View is supposed to
concrete language is composed of
Exemplification is
Description is
types of structures in a descriptive or examplification essay are
objective language is used when
this type of sentence connects the topic to the next paragraph
a paragraph should maintain __ subject/s within itself
your main idea or most important idea should be the ___ of your sentence
these words are concrete and descriptive
Connotation is
Denotation is
denotation for rat is
connotation for rat is
as a writer, you should ___ think of your audience
_____ should be used in combination with ____ to make a stronger point
when writing , how do you get the readers attention and keep it
connotation and descriptive are techniques that ___ be used in other writing
what 4 types of exemplification support
MLA style, a citation may go after what
4 types that explain anecdote are
abstract with a negative connotation
MLA style, what first letters are not capitalized
Purpose of a hook
3 authority examples are
what gives positive or negative feeling to a word in sentence
MLA style, 5 or more words copied exactly from a source must be
these techniques ___ are used in various types of essays and are examples of good writing techniques
MLA style, words that represent ideas from another source but not in exactly copied words
MLA style, a work cited page refers to sources
MLA style, when you refer to the author and publication information in the text of your essay, you are using a/an
a nerrative essay
the writing process is
2 types of transitional sentences
where does the hook go
what does a thesis statement need in it
MLA style, the title of a work published on its own is
MLA style, the title of a work published in another work is

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