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DefinitionsVocab Word
Began in England and allowed them to become a world power. Focused on Textiles
Killed during the French Revolution. Monarch of France
Artistic movement that stressed emotion
Founder of Communism, believed it would first happen in an Industrial country.
Leader of Prussia, helped to create a unified Germany
MIx between capitalism and communism, allows for government involvement in the economy.
Conservative European event to return to pre-Napoleonic status
French document that preserves rights created during French Revolution
Person who ended French Revolution, nearly took over Europe
Unified country that Bolivar hoped to make, failed
Places like Australia and Canada where whites dominated
British government in India
Descendents of Muhammad Ali. Ruled Egypt
Leader of Haitian Revolution
Originally fought of Cuba, America also gained the Philippines as a result
American decleration that European countries should stay out of Latin America
Leads Brazillian independence movement
Latin American Revolutionary, attempt to create unified state fails.
Mexican Priest who starts Revolution.
Ottoman Reformer
Last dynasty of China. Takes over after Ming
Rebellion in Southern China. Led by Hong who believed himself to be the son of God
Last emperor of China.
Anti-Foreign rebellion in China. Supported by CiXi
Reform movement in Ottoman Empire
DefinitionsVocab Word
Political posistion that pushed for drastic changes
Alliance between conservative governments of Austria, Prussia and Russia
Intellectual group in Russia
Russia parliment
Bolshevik leader
Russian Parliment
Author of Origin of Species. Biologist
Creole who ends Mexican Revolution. Thrown out of power
Winner of Japnese Civil War. Rapidly industrializes Japan
Belief that your country is superior
Rebellion in India led by mercenary soldiers
War between Ottomans and Russians, British intervene
War that ends Chinese isolation, British gain more ports.
War between British and Dutch in South Africa
Idea that United States should expand throughout North America
Policy in which each power gets their own unit of control in China
War in which European power lost to Asian power. Fought over Korea and Manchuria
Poem by Kipling. Justifies Imperalism.
Chandler Bing, opens Japan up to trade
British guy who had major role in South Africa
Focused on Oil, Steel and Chemicals
Done as a response to failed Crimean War. People are happy
Reforms in Russia
Attempt to make China better, leads to Stone Boat
Head chopper off thing. #ouch

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