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African kingdom that benefitted from slave trade
Idea during the Rennaissance that believes people can solve their problems
Mughal leader who finished conquest of India and reduced factionalism between Hindus and Muslims
Peruvian silver mine
Network that connected India, China, Japan and Indonesia
Founder of Mughal Dynasty
Russian leader who kills Boyards to maintain problems
Dutch colonists in South Africa
Large rural estates in Americas
Founder of Protestant Reformation
Island Colmbus Discovers
Movement of living items like disease and food between Old and New World
Catholic Church attempt to gain converts
Religion created by Akbar
Intellectual movement, focuses on reason and political reforms
Voyage of slaves from Africa to new world
Conquered Inca
Southern tip of Africa
Czar who attempted to westernize Russia
Economic policy that favors exports over imports
Believed Earth revolved around the Sun
Large Spanish ships
Indian port city
Movement of Dutch in Southern Africa
Started Anglican Church
Conquered Aztecs
Founder of Ming Dynasty
Christain boys taken to serve in Ottoam military
Missionary group created during Reformation
Priest who is defender of Indian rights
Chinese port city
Conquers Constantinople(person)
Jesuit missionary in China
Chinese Dynasty who conquers Yuan
Middle Eastern empire that conquered old Byzantine Empire
Palace built by Louis XIV
Group in New World that was born in Spain
Invention of Guttenberg, extremely important
New Japanese capital
Russian ruling family
War between Dutch and British in South Africa
Building in India, shows cultural diffusion
Unifies Japan
Ends 30 years war, promotes nation states
Slaves to New World, Raw goods to Europe, Guns to Africa
Spanish born in New World
Chinese emperor
System in Europe, has one king in power
Protestant reformer, believed in predestination
Grants of land and labor given to Spanish individuals by King

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