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Greek philosopher who stressed balance and other ethical systems.
Took over Persia and created the culture known as Hellenism
Invaders of India and brought Vedic Literature with them
Indian Emperor who converted to Buddhism
Ceasar: First emperor of Rome, brought peace and prosperity
United India and created the Mauryan Dynasty
Religion that becomes the state of religion of Rome and eventually spreads to places like Ethiopia.
Major philosophy in China, focuses on relationships and respect
Moves capital of the Eastern Rome and converts to Christianity.
World’s first writing system
Philosophy in China that focuses on inter being with oneself and nature
Governmental style in which people vote on issues themselves.
Group that led India during its Golden Age
Ruled over Golden Age of China, falls in 3rd century to nomadic invaders
Created a law code that focused on social class punishments and ones that dealt with irrigation in Babylonia
Slaves used in Greece, specifically Sparta.
Combination of Greek, Persian and Indian cultures.
People who existed before the Agriculture Revolution
Nomadic group responsible for the fall the Romans, Guptas and Han.
River in which Indian civilizations began
Philosophy instituted by Qin Shi Huangdi
First Dynasty of India
Cradle of Civilization.
Indian Civilization that had indoor plumbing
Winds that allowed for easier sailing for Indian merchants
Possibly the most important event in human history. Allows for surplus and specialization
Roman Peace
Unites China in 221 BCE, only lasts 11 years
Consisted of a Senate and two consuls
23. Bureaucrats in China, gain their position by passing local, provincial, and national tests.
Slave revolt in Rome. I am…
Trading system that linked China to the Mediterranean
Lowest group of the Indian Caste System
28. Holy Book and Literature collected that is connected to Hinduism
Revolt in Han Dynasty that weakened the government
Religion of Persia that also had a monotheistic belief system
City in Egypt that was created by its conqueror
River in which Chinese civilizations began

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