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Can you name the actors in Quentin Tarantino's movies??

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Mr. WhiteReservoir Dogs
Mr. OrangeReservoir Dogs
Mr. BlondeReservoir Dogs
Mr. PinkReservoir Dogs
Mr. BrownReservoir Dogs
Nice Guy EddieReservoir Dogs
Joe CabotReservoir Dogs
Vincent VegaPulp Fiction
Jules WinnfieldPulp Fiction
Mia WallacePulp Fiction
PumpkinPulp Fiction
Honey BunnyPulp Fiction
Lance Pulp Fiction
Butch CoolidgePulp Fiction
Marsellus WallacePulp Fiction
Winston 'The Wolf' WolfePulp Fiction
Captain KoonsPulp Fiction
Jackie BrownJackie Brown
Ordell RobbieJackie Brown
Max CherryJackie Brown
Melanie RalstonJackie Brown
Ray NicoletteJackie Brown
Louis GaraJackie Brown
Mark DargusJackie Brown
The BrideKill Bill Series
O-Ren IshiiKill Bill Series
Vernita GreenKill Bill Series
Elle DriverKill Bill Series
BillKill Bill Series
BudKill Bill Series
Sofie FataleKill Bill Series
Pai MeiKill Bill Series
Stuntman MikeDeath Proof
Abernathy Death Proof
ArleneDeath Proof
ShannaDeath Proof
Jungle JuliaDeath Proof
KimDeath Proof
LeeDeath Proof
ZoeDeath Proof
Lt. Aldo RaineInglourious Basterds
Sgt. Donny DonowitzInglourious Basterds
Lt. Archie HicoxInglourious Basterds
Col. Hans LandaInglourious Basterds
Sgt. Hugo StiglitzInglourious Basterds
Pfc. Smithson UtivichInglourious Basterds
Shosanna DreyfusInglourious Basterds
Bridget von HammersmarkInglourious Basterds
Frederick ZollerInglourious Basterds
DjangoDjango Unchained
Dr. King SchultzDjango Unchained
Calvin CandieDjango Unchained
BroomhildaDjango Unchained
Stephen Django Unchained
Billy CrashDjango Unchained
Big DaddyDjango Unchained
Butch Pooch/Ace SpeckDjango Unchained

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