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Can you name the movies where two different actors played the same character at different ages?

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Older Actor; Younger ActorMovieCharacter (Year)
Richard Dreyfuss; Wil WheatonGordie Lachance (1986)
Harrison Ford; River PhoenixTitle character (1989)
Burt Lancaster; Frank WhaleyDr. Archibald 'Moonlight' Graham (1989)
Samantha Mathis; Kirsten DunstAmy March (1994)
Rosie O'Donnell; Christina RicciRoberta Martin (1995)
Bonnie Hunt; Laura Bell BundySarah Whittle (1995)
Brad Pitt; Brad RenfroMichael Sullivan (1996)
Gloria Stuart; Kate WinsletRose DeWitt Bukater (1997)
Parker Posey; Rachael Leigh CookJackie-O Pascal (1997)
Jodie Foster; Jena MaloneDr. Eleanor 'Ellie' Arroway (1997)
Angelina Jolie; Mila KunisTitle character (1998)
Robert Wagner; Rob LoweNumber 2 (1999 and 2002)
John Cusack; Drake BellRob Gordon (2000)
Older Actor; Younger ActorMovieCharacter (Year)
Patrick Fugit; Michael AngaranoWilliam Miller (2000)
Judi Dench; Kate WinsletTitle character (2001)
Dakota Fanning; Elle FanningLucy Diamond Dawson (2001)
Reese Witherspoon; Dakota FanningMelanie Smooter (2002)
Albert Finney; Ewan McGregorEdward Bloom (2003)
Kevin Bacon; Conor PaoloSean Devine (2003)
Colin Farrell; Conor PaoloTitle character (2004)
James Garner; Ryan GoslingNoah Calhoun (2004)
Jessica Alba; Makenzie VegaNancy Callahan (2005)
Vanessa Redgrave; Claire DanesAnn Grant (2007)
Ralph Fiennes; David KrossMichael Berg (2008)
Leonard Nimoy; Zachary QuintoMr. Spock (2009)

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