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Can you name the Movies where an actor played multiple roles?

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YearMovieActor: Roles
1935Elsa Lanchester: Mary Shelley, The Monster's Mate
1939Margaret Hamilton: Miss Almira Gulch, Wicked Witch of the West
1940Charlie Chaplin: unnamed Jewish private, Adenoid Hynkel, ruler of Tomainia
1958Kim Novak: Madeline Elster, Judy Barton
1964Peter Sellers: title character, Lionel Mandrake, President Merkin Muffley
1965Lee Marvin: Kid Shelleen, Tim Strawn
1975John Cleese: Sir Lancelot the Brave, The Black Knight, Tim the Enchanter, Second Swallow-Savvy Guard, Peasant #3, Taunting French Guard
1984George Burns: God, Satan
1987Mel Brooks: Yogurt, President Skroob
1988Bette Midler & Lily Tomlin: Sadie Shelton, Sadie Ratliff & Rose Shelton, Rose Ratliff
1988Arsenio Hall: Semmi, Morris, Reverend Brown, Transvestite
1989Michael J. Fox: Marty McFly Sr., Marty McFly Jr., Marlene McFly
1990Meg Ryan: DeDe, Angelica Graynamore, Patricia Graynamore
YearMovieActor: Roles
1993Kevin Kline: President Bill Mitchell, Dave Kovic
1996Eddie Murphy: Sherman Klump, Buddy Love, Cletus Klump, Anna Pearl Jensen Klump, Ida Mae Jensen, Ernie Klump, Lance Perkins
1996Jack Nicholson: President James Dale, Art Land
1996Michael Keaton: Doug Kinney, clones
1998Lindsay Lohan: Hallie Parker, Annie James
1998Leonardo DiCaprio: King Louis XIV, Philippe
1999Mike Myers: title character, Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard
2002Nicolas Cage: Charlie Kaufman, Donald Kaufman
2003Cate Blanchett: herself, Cate's unfamous cousin Shelly
2005Tyler Perry: Madea, Joe Simmons, Brian Simmons
2006Hugh Jackman: Tomas, Tommy, Tom Creo
2007Paul Dano: Eli Sunday, Paul Sunday

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