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Can you name the Boy Meets Girl movies based on the clues?

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Boy Meets Girl ...MovieYear
... but he has the head of an ass1909, 1935, 1968, 1999
... but she has a pet leopard1938
... but then the Civil War starts and she marries two other men1939
... but she's a princess shirking her royal duties just for a day1953
... but he's obsessed with turning her into a woman from his past who died falling off a tower1958
... but she's a nun and he's courting a baroness1965
... but he's 19 and she's 791971
... but she's a replicant who only thinks she's human1982
... but he's her son's soldier sent from the future to prevent a cyborg from killing her1984
... but he's a hit man and she's a hit woman and they've been hired to kill each other1985
... but he's really a 13-year-old in a man's body1988
... but then he dies and can only communicate through a phony psychic1990
... but she's an obsessive fan who holds him captive1990
... but he's a cannibalistic serial killer1991
... but they're on a bus that will explode if it slows down1994
... but she's a U.S. marshal trying to arrest him after he kidnaps her breaking out of prison1998
... but he's 15 and she's his teacher who's courting an O.R. doctor1998
... but he's really a girl1999
... but she's cripplingly shy (and French) and he works in a sex shop2001
... but they've previously erased each other from their memories.2004
... but she wakes up never remembering who he is2004
... but he's pretending to be mentally retarded to win the Special Olympics2005
... but then Earth is demolished to make room for a hyperspace expressway2005
... but then she becomes the 'property' of local crime lord Javed2008

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