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Can you name the TV shows that skipped years through time?

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Set in 2281, 19 years after the main series' focus, the finale ended as if the sci-fi series were a documentary about the last such space station.1998
This series finale had Janeane Garofalo play the NY couple's now-grown daughter, Mabel, as she narrates a documentary about her parents 20 years after the series.1999
Season 4 opened three months later, with the fanged title character still trapped in a coffin underwater, and Cordelia still 'high above' (heaven?) looking down on everyone else.2002
Season 3 began with Agent Bristow waking up two years later with amnesia, presumed dead by all the other characters, including the now-married Vaughn.2003
Joey finally chose her man and Jen succumbed to a fatal heart condition in this teen-centric series finale set five years later.2003
The series finale skipped ahead several times to show how each of the main characters died, ending with daughter Claire Fisher in 2084.2005
The latest incarnation of this mighty kids' action show skipped the setting from 2004 to 2025, when the planet-conquering Troobian Empire begins menacing Earth.2005
In the series finale, the two title characters feud for two years, and then their two kids get married almost 20 years later. In a reversal, Jack is rich and pays for Karen.2006
HintTV showYear aired
'Lay Down Your Burdens' in the second season showed Baltar winning the presidential election, then jumped one year to show the fleet settled on New Caprica.2006
Twenty months after the fifth season, Day 6 opens with Jack tortured by Chinese jailers and then released through President Palmer.2007
This show's fifth season was set five years after the events of Season 4. Edie suddenly had a husband and Gabrielle had a family, among other changes.2008
Season 5 opened four years later. Now well past high school, Lucas returned from college, Nathan was now paralyzed and Brooke was a well-known fashion designer.2008
After Melinda Gordon gave birth to Aiden, the show skipped forward to 2014, showing Aiden as a five-year-old with the same paranormal power as his mother.2009
This 72-year-old soap ended by skipping forward a year, showing Mindy and Rick engaged, Fletcher and Alexandra touring the world, and Reva and Josh together again.2009
The series-ending 'Epitaph Two' episode fastforwarded 10 years. Civilization had crumbled, 'Priya' and 'Tony' had a son, Echo rescued Topher, and Alpha had rehabilitated.2010
Resulting from last season's nuclear explosion, Season 6 followed two realities for the castaways: an alternate 2004; and in the same place, but pushed three years ahead to 2007.2010

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