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Prohibited women, young children from working in mines
Reformed Canada's government
Which Conservative prime minister is known for agreeing to negotiate with the IRA and for continuing Thatcher's reforms?
Increased enfranchisement of working class males (year required)
Which Conservative prime minister is known for ordering the creation of the Beveridge Report and leading Britain through WWII?
The Liberal party split into the ____________ and _____________. (type 'party name and other name'
Abolished slave trade, but not slavery
Series of legislation to cap working hours, improve conditions
Which Liberal prime minister is known for reforming the civil service, army, judiciary, and electoral systems?
First year income tax was in place (sum of digits = 25)
The Tory party evolved into the __________ party.
Forced railroads to cheaply serve poor so they could find work
Which Conservative prime minister is known for being passed over for an appointment, then later passing social reforms and being decisive in foreign policy as PM?
Legalized trade unions in the UK
Which Conservative prime minister is known for privatizing many industries in the UK and raising taxes in order to curb inflation?
Taxed imported food to increase local profits, landowning power
England and Scotland joined (year required)
Which Labour prime minister is known for allowing the independence of many British colonies and for nationalizing various utilities and industries?
In what year was the Bank of England established? (sum of digits = 20)
The Whig party evolved into the ____________ party.
Which Conservative prime minister is known for passing the Unemployment Act of 1934 and signing the Munich Agreement?
Which Labour prime minister is known for limiting pay raises to curb inflation and for a failed attempt at devolution of powers to Scotland?
Maintained Parliament's right to subject colonies to laws
To the nearest ten million, how many people live in the UK?
Source of revenue from American colonies
Year of return to the gold standard (sum of digits = 19)
Made slavery illegal to practice within the British Empire
How may years is the life expectancy in the UK? (sum of digits is 9)
King who was forced to sign Magna Carta
England and Ireland joined (year required)
When was the coal industry nationalized in the UK? (sum of digits = 21)
When was the coal industry privatized in the UK? (sum of digits = 23)
The duty of the wealthy to take care of the poor
Who was James II deposed by as part of the Glorious Revolution?
Name the war during which England was temporarily a republic
Allowed Jews to become citizens by application to Parliament
Allowed Catholics to serve in Parliament--key in Catholic Emancipation
Legislation that expanded male suffrage by relaxing property requirements, reapportioned parliamentary districts more fairly (year required)
Reformed UK local government systems

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