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the fear that if one Southeast Asian nation fell to the Communists, the others would also fall.
the head of the League for the Independence of Vietnam. Before, during, and after WWII, Ho Chi Minh occupied this position.
a peace settlement reached over Vietnam by representatives of Ho Chi Minh, Bao Dai, Cambodia, Laos, France, the US, the Soviet Union, China, and Britain
Communist guerrilla warriors in South Vietnam
The political arm of the Viet Cong
passed on August 7, 1964. It gave the President authority to “take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent further
an explosive device planted in the ground.
the practice of dropping thousands of tons of explosives over large areas from fighter planes.
threw pieces of their thick metal casings in all directions when they exploded.
an herbicide that was dropped by planes onto dense jungle landscapes. This killed leaves and thick undergrowth, therefore exposing Viet Cong hiding places
another destructive substance that was dropped from airplanes. It was a jellylike substance that splattered and burned uncontrollably. It also stuck to people’s bodies and seared
another term for expansion to a higher level.
a supply route that passed through Laos and Cambodia.
those who supported the war
those who opposed the war
a major offensive launched by the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese on January 30, 1968 that included surprise attacks on major cities and towns and American military bases throughout
the idea that many young Americans were not satisfied with the values of their parents. This gap widened in the early 1960s.
The Students for a Democratic Society ended up turning into a new political movement that came to be called the _____. Members felt poverty and racism needed to be addressed
when a group of faculty members at a school decide to make a public statement against the war.
those who opposed fighting in the war on moral or religious grounds.
an official postponement of the call to serve from the draft.
mainstream Americans, a group sometimes called _____
peace negotiations over the war in Vietnam. They failed to produce an agreement in May 1968.
a new policy in 1969 that Nixon introduced that consisted of removing American forces and replacing them with South Vietnamese soldiers.
the group of Americans who had the general public sentiment but weren’t vocal enough.
prisoners of war (abbr.)
missing in action (abbr.)

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