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a public endorsement of proposals
the name that referred to Kennedy’s proposals to improve the economy, assist the poor, and speed up the space program.
the well known name of the President’s Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. President Johnson created the commission on November 29th, 1963
a series of major legislative initiatives that continued into his second term. Its programs included major poverty relief, education aid, healthcare, voting rights, conservation an
a preschool program created by Johnson for children from low-income families that also provides healthcare, nutrition services, and social services.
another program created by Johnson that sent volunteers to help people in poor communities
provides hospital and low-cost medical insurance to most Americans age 65 and older.
provides low-cost health insurance coverage to poor Americans of any age who cannot afford their own private health insurance.
replaced the varying quotas with a limit of 20,000 immigrants per year from any one country outside the Western Hemisphere.
a result of the ______ police must inform accused persons that they have the right to remain silent; that anything they say can be used against them in court; that they have a righ
the distribution of seats in a legislature among electoral districs.
took place on April 17th, 1961. It was a disaster. An airstrike failed to destroy Cuba’s air force, and Cuban troops were more than a match for the 1,500 US-backed invaders.
a somber symbol of the Cold War. It was built in August 1961 by the Soviets to separate Communist Berlin from non-Communist Berlin.
a terrifying standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union involving Cuba that brought the superpowers to the brink of nuclear war. It began on October 16, 1962
banned nuclear testing above ground. It sought to eliminate the radioactive fallout that threatened to contaminate human, animal, and plant life.
an alliance that Kennedy called on all the people of the Western Hemisphere to join in. The idea was to allow for peaceful revolution and to make a vast cooperative effort to satis
established in 1961, It sent volunteers abroad as educators, health workers, and technicians to help developing nations around the world.

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