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a country subject to Soviet domination on the western borders of the Soviet Union that would serve as a buffer zone against attacks
the division between the Communist and non-Communist part of the world (figuratively)
the competition that developed between the US and the Soviet Union for power and influence in the world
an American policy that recognized the possibility that Eastern Europe was already lost to communism. It called for the US to resist Soviet attempts to form Communist governments e
detailed in a speech before Congress in March 1947 by President Truman in which he called on the US to take on a leadership role in the world
called for the nations of Europe to draw up a program for economic recovery from the war
a massive 15 month long British and American effort by aircraft that delivered food, fuel, and other supplies to West Berlin. Over 200000 flights were made, and at its peak, nearly
formed in April 1949 by Canada, the US, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, and Portugal. The members agreed that “an armed at
the principle of mutual military assistance exemplified in the NATO members’ agreement
created by the Soviet Union in response to the formation of NATO. It was a military alliance with the Soviet Union’s satellite nations in Eastern Europe
established in 1938 to investigate disloyalty on the eve of WWII. Now it began a postwar probe of Communist infiltration of government agencies and a probe of the Hollywood movie i
a group of Hollywood writers, directors, actors, and producers that were convicted for contempt of Congress when refusing to answer questions about being Communist upon being summo
a list circulated among employers containing the names of people who should not be hired.
passed in 1952, reaffirmed the quota system for each country that had been established in 1924. It discriminated against potential immigrants from Asia and from Southern and Centra

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