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The tendency of states to try to get an early primary election date is called...
The powers of declaring war, regulating interstate commerce, and taxing belong to...
Laws that punish people for doing things before they were against the law
By what margin must Congress approve amendments?
Declassifies federal documents to the public
When a bill must be revised because the houses passed it in different versions, it goes to one of these
A way of organizing a nation so that two or more levels of government have formal authority over the same area and people
Elections used to select which candidate actually gets the office
A government organization that provides a service that could be provided by the private sector and typically charges for its services
Amendment that repeals prohibition
Amendment that establishes women's suffrage
What part of the electoral process only applies to Presidential elections?
The ability of individuals to influence the political process
Changing the boundaries of congressional districts or adding new ones
When a politician releases a bit of information to see how the public reacts
States must respect official documents and judgments made by other states
certain restrictions should be placed on government to protect the natural rights of citizens.
A question on a ballot asking if a given law or policy should continue
Government spending of revenues
Amendment that allows the federal government to collect income tax
Acts of Congress establishing, continuing, or changing government programs
A type of lawsuit that allows a small number of people to sue on behalf of a larger group of similarly situated people
What fraction of states must ratify an amendment for it to pass?
Judges play minimal policymaking roles, leaving it up to legislators
Founding fathers who contributed to the Constitution
Provided for automatic across-the-board spending cuts to take effect if the president and Congress failed to reach established targets. This law was declared unconstitutional.
Policies for which Congress has obligated itself to pay X level of benefits to Y number of recipients.
A policy designed to give special attention to or compensatory treatment for members of some previously disadvantaged group
A policy document allocating burdens (taxes) and benefits (expenditures)
De facto tradition where the senator in the President's party from the state where the nominee will serve holds great power in the nomination process
Benefit of all
What party a voter says they are a part of
Amendment that protects the right to a fair and speedy trial by jury, rights to be told the charges, confront the accuser, obtain witnesses and retain counsel
A 1935 law passed during the Great Depression that was intended to provide a minimal level of sustenance to older Americans and thus save them from poverty
How Congress and the President impact the Economy through the budget
A person who acts on the behalf of others to try to influence the decision of a government decision maker.
Amendment that limits the powers of the federal government to those delegated by the Constitution
People are free to practice any religion
7 member Board of Governors that oversees Federal Reserve Banks, establishes monetary policy (interest rates, credit, etc.), and monitors the economic health of the country
Amendment that says that states are immune from suits from out of state citizens and out of state foreigners
Amendment that protects the right to trial by jury in civil cases
Crossing out parts of a bill before signing it
How people generally vote in an election.
Casework is the most common form of...
Shares of individual wages and corporate revenues collected by the government
Allowed federal government to enforce voting rights in states with a history of discrimination (black registration rates increased drastically afterwards)
Author of Democracy in America
An excess of federal expenditures over federal revenues
The ratio of what is paid for imports to what is earned from exports
What data is used in the redistricting process?
rights guaranteed in Miranda v. Arizona
Amendment that establishes the minimum voting age at 18
Amendment that prohibits the denial of the right to vote (suffrage) based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude
Expenditures that are determined not by a fixed amount of money appropriated by Congress but by how many eligible beneficiaries there are for a program or by previous obligations o
President refuses to spend funds as appropriated by Congress
All the money borrowed by the federal government over the years and still outstanding
Set limits of 2 years at a time and 5 years for a lifetime for federal aid/Tried to move people off welfare & into jobs.
Government agency responsible for some sector of the economy, making and enforcing rules to protect public interest
Outlawed discrimination in public accommodations.
Set new standards for ambient air quality and new limits on emissions
Federal grants that can be used only for specific purposes for state and local spending (strings attached)
Powers that each branch of government have over the other branches
First ten amendments of the Constitution
An organization of people with shared policy goals
Amendment that protects the right to bear arms
Amendment that revises presidential election procedures
A liberal interpretation of the Constitution
Revenue losses that result from special exemptions, exclusions, or deductions on federal tax law.
Prohibits unequal pay for men and women for the same job.
Amendment that protects rights not enumerated in the constitution
interests for a smaller constituency; eg. casework and credit claiming of a congressperson for their constituents
Set regulations for discharge of waste in water
Groups that inform the public about the activities of the government
How the Federal Reserve Boad impacts the economy throught the manipulation of the money supply
A resolution binding Congress to a total expenditure level, supposedly the bottom line of all federal spending for all programs.
Certain ethnic groups tend to vote more, certain groups vote for a particular party more (Jews mostly vote democratic)
Congress monitoring the bureaucracy and administration of policy
Powers once given to the Federal government pass to the states under ____.
Someone who doesn't join a group because they can benefit without actually being a member is a...
Life-long process of acquiring political beliefs
A funding vehicle created by the 1974 campaign reforms. Their expenditures are monitored by the FEC
Established national supremacy
What the president does if he does not want a bill to become law
When candidates from a president's party are swept into office upon the president's election
Acts of Congress funding programs within limits of authorization bills
Amendment that prohibits unreasonable search and seizure and says that search warrants may only be issued if there is probable cause
Amendment that prohibits poll taxes
Amendment that protects the right to due process, prohibits self-incrimination and double jeopardy
Individuals who are highly active in promoting a party and its candidates.
A government in which the central government delegates only the powers it wants to to the local or state governments, as opposed to a federal government in which the government can
The Supreme Court has what type of jurisdiction?
Prohibits discrimination against disabled people in emplyment, public accommodations, and housing. (Took effect in 1992)
An economic system in which individuals and corporations, not the government, own the principal means of production and seek profits
Institutions that spread information among many people
Oversees preparation of the federal budget in the legislative branch
Amendment that defines the order of Presidential succession
Amendment that limits the president to 2 terms in office
Amendment that protects the freedoms of speech, religion, press, rights to assemble, petition the government
Legitimacy of the state is created by the will of people, who are the source of political power
Bureaucratic agencies, interest groups, and congressional (sub)committees dominate policymaking
Attempting to gain votes to win an election for an office
Parties other than the democratic and republican parties
Powers specifically stated in the Constitution
Those who already hold office.
Four out of nine judges can grant a writ of certiorari
Legal briefs that can be submitted by anyone other than a litigant
Oversees preparation of the federal budget in the executive branch
Powers that the Federal Government has by default
This occurs when Congress adjorns before the 10 day span the president has to review a bill
Amendment that establishes the Prohibition of alcohol
Applying the Bill of Rights onto the state legislatures on a case-by-case basis
Amendment that changes the dates when Congressional and Presidential terms start
Committees that are either temporary or permanent and have a focused responsibility
Amendment that defines citizenship, contains the due process and equal protection clauses, deals with post Civil War issues
Laws that expire after a period of time unless renewed
A program added to the Social Security system in 1965 that provides hospitalization insurance for the elderly and permits older Americans to purchase inexpensive coverage for docto
Domestic penalties applied to one country i.e. tariffs, trade barriers, import duties, import/export quotas, and embargos
The pattern of spending, taxing, and providing grants in the federal system is known as...
Congress has the power to regulate interstate commerce
Committees that handle bills in different policy areas
An organization of people trying to elect politicians into office
Powers given to states
A hierarchial authority structure that uses task specialization, operates on the merit principle, and behaves with impersonality
The process including both primary and general elections
Prohibits discrimination against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin in the sale, rental, leasing, financing and adverti
Choice government makes in response to political issue
Amendment that prohibits congressional pay changes from taking effect until the beginning of the next congressional session
People from this branch propose a budget to congress, sign the budget, and spend the money.
Evidence, no matter how incriminating, cannot be included in a trial if obtained illegally
No discrimination on the basis of gender (usually in sports) for a school that receives government funding.
When someone talks and talks and talks to delay debate on a bill
Which amendment gave all powers prohibited to the federal government to the states?
A diplomatic policy intended to isolate enemies of the US (used in Cold War)
Changing of district boundaries or creation of a new district after a census
If you're held captive, the ___ forces the government to tell you why
Document that says someone be punished without trial (prohibited in original Constitution)
Decides whether bills that require federal spending will be funded
The powers of initiating revenue bills and passing articles of impeachment belong to...
The financial resources of the government
Amendment that allows Washington, DC to be represented in the electoral college
'A government...derives its power from the...'
State must respect all legal rights owed to a person
A group of delegates from the states that decides the result of the presidential elections. Each state gets one elector for every representative and senator they have (# of reps +
A person who is running for office
When 60 members vote to stop a filibuster in the senate
A policy designed to ensure competition and prevent monopoly, which is the control of a market by one company
Powers that neither the federal nor state governments have
The degree to which bureaucrats are held accountable for the power they excercise
No one person is above the law. Nuff said.
A type of democracy where there are a few leaders representing the will of many.
A proposal that voters get on the ballot by amassing a certain number of signatures.
There must be a secular interest for a religious institution to receive public monies according to the ___
This body of the government is able to impeach the president
This term describes the pattern that women are more likely to support Democratic candidates
Amendment that prohibits the forced quartering of soldiers
Laws that allow public access to public policy-making meetings/transparency
A _____ is needed for the supreme court to hear a case
Older people are more likely to vote than younger people. This is an example of what?
Equality in voting, Effective Participation, Enlightened understanding, and citizen control of agenda.
Allows Congress to do things that are 'necessary and proper'
Regular members of the party who don't hold any special office and aren't too active except for voting.
(Title IX) prohibits gender discrimination in educational activities that receive federal funds
Powers given to both national and state governments
Displacement of a majority party by a minority party
Elections to select party nominees in which voters are presented with a list of candidates from all parties
Amendment that abolishes slavery and involuntary servitude except as punishment for a crime
An important task for new members of Congress is to find a committee to be on. Committees are divided proportionally to the number of seats each party holds in the chamber (if dems
Judges make bold policy decisions
The range of public belief on policy and politics
A slow change from conflict thinking to cooperative thinking in foreign policy
How an individual thinks about political issues
A description of the budget process where the best predictor of this year's budget is last year's budget, plus a little bit more
Presidential nominee who must be confirmed by Senate majority. Serve for lifetime 'during good behavior' unless convicted of impeachment by Congress
Amendment that establishes the direct election of US Senators
Used to select the candidate for the party's nomination.
The committee that reviews all bills in the house.
Separation of church and state
Massachusetts Revolutionary War veterans were upset that they weren't going to receive their pensions
Tried to guarantee the same rights in men and women, failed to get ratified by all the states
No branch of government can control everything, power is equally divided between branches
Committees that exist in only a few policy areas and draw membership from the Senate and House
Choosing among alternatives requires that the majority's desire be respected
Amendment that prohibits excessive fines, bail, and cruel and unusual punishment
Elections used to select which candidate actually gets the office
Phrase used to determine outcome of the Schenck v. US decision
The powers of approving treaties and trying impeached officials belong to...
The authority of administrative actors to select among various responses to a given problem
Several government officials who discuss the economy and different plans to ensure its stability with the President; usually includes chairman of federal reserve, sec of treasury,

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