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Fleshy horizontal stems that allow a plant to spread underground are
Horizontal bulky underground organs that grow for a short period and mainly store nutrients are
In dicots, vascular bundles are arranged in one ring surrounding the ____
Stem organization consists of _____ and ______
Cells that have only primary walls that stay thin are
The set of primary walls and middle lamella between them is a ___ _______
Broadleaf plants are
A plant that never becomes woody and covered with bark is known as a
Flowering plants are known by this name
Guard cells together with a pore comprise a
Waterlilies, magnolias, and laurels are examples of
Phloem features this type of cells
Woody body is also known as
Cells that have a primary wall that stays thin in some areas but thickens in others (esp in corners) are known as
Beneath the epidermis is a layer consisting of photosynthetic parenchyma and sometime collenchyma known as the
A miniature shoot with a dormant apical meristem and several young leaves is known as the ____ ____
Cells that have a primary wall and thick secondary wall that is lignified are called
Herbaceous body is also known as
The outermost surface of an herbaceous stem consisting of a single layer of living parenchyma cells is the
Short shoots with thick, fleshy leaves are
A fatty substance that makes the outer tangential walls impermeable to water is
Vertical, thick stems with thin, papery leaves are
Xylem and phloem occur together as ________ ______
The first xylem to appear
The two types of sclerenchyma cells are long ___ and short ____
The arrangement of leaves on the stem is called
The stem area just above the point where a leaf attaches is the ___ ___
A mass of parenchyma cells is
Within xylem, there are two types of conducting cells, ______ and ______ elements
A layer of built up cutin is known as the
Grasses, lilies, cattails, palms, philodendrons, bromeliads are
Some epidermal cells elongate outward and become
Runners are also known as

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