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The life of a cell, consisting of growth and division phases.
The ceasing of cell division, usually causing a state similar to G1.
The 'resting phase' of the cell cycle, consisting of G1, S, and G2.
Usually the longest part of the cell cycle, cells in arrest enter a state similar to this one for life.
The cell cycle phase during which the genes in the nucleus are replicated.
The entire complex of genes for an organism.
Thousands of genes attached together in a linear sequence
A special class of proteins that complex with DNA and give it protection and structure
A structural feature of chromosomes that attaches chromatids, is usually near the center of the chromosome.
Each end of a chromosome is capped by one of these structures
Each half of the doubled chromosome is known as a
When plant cells replicate their DNA before they begin to differentiate, resulting in an enlarged nucleus, it's called
When only some genes are repeatedly replicated, it's known as
The phase where cells prepare for division during which tubulins are synthesized is known as
Division of the nucleus
Division of the cytoplasm
Duplication division, the more common type of karyokinesis is known as
The phase of mitosis during which chromosomes condense
The long set of microtubules between the centrioles
A structure consisting of two layers of proteins, one layer bound to centromere DNA, the other to spindle microtubules
The arrangement of chromosomes in the cell center is
The phase of mitosis where microtubules shorten, pulling each daughter chromosome away from its twin
The phase during which fragments of the nuclear envelope appear near chromosomes, where events are mostly in reverse of those in prophase
To prepare for cytokinesis, a set of microtubules and actin filaments aggregates into this, marking the plane of division (the future site of the cell plate)
A set of short microtubules aligned parallel to the spindle microtubules. Forms where the metaphase plate had been.
The phragmoplast, vesicle, and walls are known as the
A set of microtubules, actin filaments, and cytoplasm that accomplishes vacuole division.
A fused pair of sex cells
Having one set of chromosomes
Having two sets of chromosomes
Having four sets of chromosomes
Reduction division
Points where chromosomes appear to be tangled together
When karyokinesis creates multinucleate cells, a cell with many nuclei is called a
Microtubules parallel to plane of cell plate that are associated with green algae where nuclear envelope doesn't break down

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