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Italian specialty foods store in Strip District
PA ranks where in land size
Famous Golfer from Latrobe
PA Dutch invented
2nd largest city in PA
Duquesne University folk dancers
Where was the Declaration of Indepence signed
What city was ALCOA founded?
Name the 2 branches of legislature
Was located at the current Homestead Waterfront
Famous Amish pie from Lancaster
Little League's Basebal began here
PA's first nuclear power accident
US president lives on Farm
How many Senators does PA have?
Andrew Carnegie is known for producing this
What time zone is PA in?
First European Settlers in PA
Recognized for improving brakes on railroads
Doctor that discovered polio vaccine
1st Internationally known sporting event in 1903
Flag maker from Philadelphia
City that Washington's soldiers stayed 1777-78
Most famous Civil War battle
Baseball player known as 'Flying Dutchman'
Known as the 'people's composer'
England took control of PA after what war?
Our country's first radio station
Post-master of Philadelphia
Pittsburgh's Football team
Slaves escaped freedom using this
Football Star from Aliquippa
Hit 5 home runs in 1977 World Series
House at Bear Run designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
Birthplace of Coal industry
Ben Franklin's journal
City known for its shopping outlets
Robert Fulton's invention

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