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Which year was 'Two Weeks Notice' released? (USA)
Who says: 'I used to be afraid of being alone, then I got married. Now I'll never be alone again... '?
Who Plays the character of Lucy Kelson?
What is the name of the character played by Hugh Grant?
Who does Lucy say is in her bed?
What is Lucy's occupation?
Fill in Lucy's quote 'Please don't tell me you called me out of a ....... to pick out a suit.'
Finish Hugh's character's quote 'And did you tell Billy you loved him? Did you say, 'Billy, I .... ...?'
Which college did Lucy go to?
What is Hugh Grants large piece of clothing he wears at the benefit for the NY childrens league?
What does lucy say she can bend like?
Who sings 'The Nearness Of You' at the benefit?
What is the fight between Lucy and June about?
What was the cause Lucy took the job for, to save it from being demolished?

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