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Can you name the hard trivia about doctor who?

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Name the aliens that come from the planet Raxacoricofallapatorius?
Name the leader of the Cult of Skaro? (Dalek)
How many TV episodes did the eighth doctor appear in?
Name the actor who played the fifth docor?
Who is the big face? The face that has watched the universe grow old?
What were the names of Susan's Teachers (original series)
Tegan the fifth doctors companion was from where?
Name Sarah Jane Smith's dog shaped computer?
What was Donna 'poisoned' with in 'The Run Away Bride'
Who did Nicholas Courtney play in the original series?(In charge of the british branch of UNIT)
Questions Answers
Name the Christmas special we met Bannakaffalatta?
What was the name of the 'Time Lady' that joined the fourth doctor to help him find the key to time?
In 'love & monsters' what does LINDA stand for?
Who is often greeted by the words: 'Yes we know who you are'?
In 'School Reunion,' last time the doctor met the krillitane they looked like humans but with very long .....?
In Army Of Ghosts' and 'Doomsday' the torchwood tower is also know as what?
When the TARDIS is travelling forward in time what colour is the Vortex?
In the episode 'The idiots Lantern' who are the doctor and Rose originally going to see?
In the episode 'Rose' what part of an Auton's (Shop dummy) body attacks the doctor?
What does TARDIS stand for?

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