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Which year was 'Doctor Who' brought to television screens originally (in the UK)?
What's the name of the actor who played the tenth doctor?
Which year was 'Doctor Who' re-released?
What is the name of the actor who played the fourth doctor?
Which companion often says 'Well isn't that wizard'?
Can you name the actor who played the first Doctor?
What does the S in TARDIS stand for?
What's the name of the Doctor's granddaughter?
What is the name of the Doctor's home planet?
Which creature says 'EXTERMINATE' before they kill?
What do cybermen say before they kill? (new series)
What was the first episode with the ninth doctor?
What species is the Doctor?
Name the institution that has the motto 'If it's alien it's ours' and has it's own spin off series.
When Rose looked into the heart of the TARDIS, what were the two words she scattered accross time and space as a link?
What was Georgia Moffet's character in 'The Doctors Daughter'?
What colour is the time vortex when travelling back in time?
Which character does Freema Agyeman play?
What's the name of Rose Tyler's mother?
Who can never die? Captain...:
What is the TARDIS stuck as, due to a broken circuit?

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