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What color of scales does Glaedr have?
What Shade did Eragon Kill?
Where did Eragon first see Arya?
What weapon did Eragon use to kill his first Urgal?
Who tells Eragon he will leave Alagaesia forever?
What is 'Misery' in the ancient language?
Who does Roran kill that has magical powers?
Who kills Shruikan?
What weapon kills Shruikan?
What race did Eragon end?
How much money does Brom pay for Snowfire? ( number )
Who is Angela's pet werecat's name?
What magical person dies that is a friend to Roran?
What does Eragon do to Connect the cats lip on Hope? ( Horst's Daughter )
What mark did Murtagh recieve from Morzan?
What is the king of the werecats name?
In what book did Eragon find out the Arya was Queen Islanzadi's daughter?
What is the first chapter of the Eragon series called?
How old was Christopher Paolini when he wrote Eragon?
Why was Roran whipped 50 times?

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