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Forced Order
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#1's best friend
#1 and 2's neighbor
Krusty Krab owner
good at karate
tries to steal the Krabby Patty formula
#1's snail
Boating teacher
#4's daughter
#6's wife
Strong lobster
Fat superhero
skinny superhero
green ghost pirate
hid pickles under his tongue
kicked #1's butt
King of the sea
screams 'My Leg!'
Owns a shell emporium
#3's snail
winner of the snail race
#1's worm after he lost his snail
#1's snail after he lost his original snail
King of the sea's son
#3's rival
Host of 'House Fancy
#3's crush
Blue jellyfish
drawing of #1 that came to life
evil bubble
Evil red and blue guy
#6's small dog
#7's crush's female owner
#7's crush's female owner's crush
Bikini Bottom news reporter
President of #1's Fan Club
Patchy's parrot
#1's dad
#1's mom
#1's bubble friend
#1's bubble friend's son
#1's cousin
Elder in Bikini Bottom
Puppet of #3
Puppet of #1
King of the sea's daughter
#2's friend who grew barnacles on his face
Banned Krabby Patties for being fun
Cursed the Krusty Krab by giving it a closed sign
Taught #1, 2, and 3 how to surf
Former Krusty Krab chef who #1 thought would take his job
Gave #5 the blacker belt
Was sent by #6 to step on #1, and 2 in the 'Spongebob Movie'
Hosted a party for tan people only
Teacher at the 'Milkshake Academy'
Pearl's favorite band
#3 went to jail for by taking this person's wallet
Wanted to strangle #1 for ratting him out
Had a soda drinking hat who was dead
A seaweed covered man #2 wanted to be
#2's fake dad
#2's fake mom
Evil red and blue guy's prom date
#1's rival in his dreams who accused him of giving him a black-eye
Food critic
Patrick's sister
#4's pirate grandfather
Amused by #1's ripped pants and said 'Rock on freaky bro' when #1 and 3 were stuck together. Also got buried by #1's bubble friend and drowned.
Takes #1 and 2 to Bikini Bottom from Shell City

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