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What is Bubble Buddy's son's name?Bubble Buddy Returns
Where did plankton hide when the cops drove by?Krabby Road
What is the only word said in this episode?Reef Blower
What drink did the guy yell at spongebob for not getting him?Pizza Delivery
Who wanted to kick Spongebob's butt?The Bully
What did Patrick first do when Spongebob told him about opposite day?Opposite Day
Finish the sentence - It's not you whose got me, it's ______ whose got me.Sandy's Rocket
Who was the maniac?Hall Monitor
What was 'U' for in Plankton's version of the F.U.N. song?F.U.N.
How far did Sandy throw in the Anchor Toss?MuscleBob BuffPants
What was Spongebob's name in the future?SB-129
Who taught Spongebob how to tie his shoes?Your Shoe's Untied
Why did Gary leave Spongebob for Patrick?Dumped
What did Doodlebob drop on Patrick's head in a hole?Doodlebob
What did Spongebob see in Patrick's box?The Secret Box
Patrick said Santa was 'Like a ______!'Christmas Who?
Where did Mr. Krabs send Patrick, Squidward, and Spongebob after the Krusty Towers was destroyed and recieving the hospital bill?Krusty Towers
What species was Mrs. Puff's replacement?Mrs. Puff, You're Fired
Who was the original Krusty Krab fry cook before Spongebob?The Origianl Fry Coook
How long was the monster in the abyss asleep?20,000 Patties Under the Sea
What did Patrick try to teach Stanley S. Squarepants how to do?Stanley S. Squarepants
What was first name of the host of House Fancy?House Fancy
Who hosted the party where you must be a certain tan?Sun Bleached
What DON'T vikings do for fun?Dear Vikings
What instrument did Plankton play during his anniversary song?Single Cell Anniversary
What did Pearl say she needed during her growth spout?Growth Spout
What did Spongebob step on that caused him to slip on the soap?Stuck in the Wringer
Where does Gary specifically fall in love?Gary in Love
What did Spongebob and Patrick find in the time capsule which happened to be their favorite game?Burried in Time
Who had an abrasive side at the end of this episodeThe Abrasive Side
What is Patrick's sister's first name?Big Sister Sam
What did Spongebob use to make the Krusty Dog?Krusty Dog
Who got rid of Spongebob's earworm?Earworm
What did Mr. Krabs try to fix the hole in the wall with?Drive Thru
'Play the ball where it ____.'A Friendly Game
What was the name of the lightbulb?Sentimental Sponge
What did Patrick but googly eyes on?The Googly Artiste
What opened when Glove World closed?Glove World R.I.P.
Who broke a record?Squirrel Record
Who was the instructor of the Milkshake Academy?License to Milkshake
What did Patrick call unemployment?Spongebob, You're Fired
What treat did Gary love?Treats
How much did bubbles cost?Bubblestand
Where did Bubble Bass hide the pickles?Pickles
Who did Man Ray go to the prom with?Shuffleboarding
What did Patrick tell Spongebob to avoid?Suds
What was the board game called?Aargh
What broke Spongebob's spatula?All that Glitters
What was Plankton's wish?Wishing you Well
What was Patrick's shorter version of a small plastic disk that you throw?Sand Castles in the Sand
What did Mr. Krabs pay Squidward's paycheck in?Skill Crane
What made Spongebob and Patrick visible ?Pranks a Lot
Where did Mr. Krabs take Squidward and Spongebob after getting his one millionth dollar?Clams
When Spongebob told Patrick to flatter the customer, what did he say to the customer?Chocolate with Nuts
What did Spongebob and Patrick buy for the box?Idiot Box
What did Patrick think boating school was?New Student Starfish
What did Patrick first make when trying to make a snowball?Snowball Effect
How much does Mr. Krabs charge Patrick for a toilet plunger?One Krabs's Trash
What causes Squidward to cry?My Pretty Seahorse
Why did Mr. Krabs buy the squeaky boots?Squeaky Boots
What dance causes everyone to hate Spongebob and Pearl at the prom?The Chaperone
What did the kids use Spongebob's arms and legs as?Krabby Land
How did the Great Snail Race trophy spell Squidward's last name?The Great Snail Race
What coma was Mr. Krabs in?The Lost Mattress
What were the people at Karate Island trying to sell?Karate Island
What was Patrick's new name when he was told to get out of town?That's No Lady
Livin' like _____.A Life in a Day
What was the first thing to come out of Spongebob's splinter?The Splinter
What happens when Patrick puts on the Krusty Krab hat?No Hat for Pat
What is the toy store called?The Toy Store of Doom
Who did Squidward impersonate?Professor Squidward
Who works for Plankton in the Chum Caverns?Chum Caverns
What did Spongebob and Patrick use to hold Squidward's Tiki land together?Enchanted Tiki Dreams
Who does Spongebob ride with in the Tunnel of Glove?Tunnel of Glvoe
What exactly does Plankton see when Karen shows him a snake?(exactly what he says)The Good Eye
What did the brick say that was thrown through the window of the Krusty Krab?Free Samples
What does Sandy do to Spongebob and Patrick's faces?Face Freeze
Where does Mr. Krabs hide the police?jail Break
What was the spatula Plankton gave Spongebob called?The Evil Spatula
Who is Triton?The Clash of Triton
Have you finished those _____?Squid's Day Off
What did Mr. Krabs make Pearl's cake out of?Whale of a Birthday
What does the guy at the Salty Spitoon have tatooed on a heart?No Weenies Allowed
What does Pearl use instead of the word cool?Mid-Life Crustacean
What did Spongebob say robots couldn't do?Krab Borg
Who did Spongebob feed the nasty patty to?Nasty Patty
What was Bubble Buddy's first wordd?Bubble Buddy
What three people did the 'Monster' 'eat'?Wormy
What protects you from a sea bear?The Camping Episode
Who was in Plankton's army?Plankton's Army
What was the device called that was made to separate Spongebob and Squidward?SquidBob TentaclePants
Sandy's machine made to open walnuts actually could open what food?Chimps Ahoy
What was Plankton's pet's name?Plankton's Pet
What was bad about chum fricassee?Chum Fricassee
Patrick and Squidward ate tetrazzini, while Spongebob ate what?Squidward's School for Grown Ups
What does Patrick use as shoes?The Battle of Bikini Bottom
The door is locked and the only way out is through the_______.Shanghaied
What was big, scary, and pink other than the worm?Sandy Spongebob and the Worm
What did Spongebob ride?The Krusty Sponge
What was the first thing Patrick smelled?No Nose Knows

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