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Selective hippocampal damage => reduced remember responses, normal know responses2002
left aFC activity during source recollection2000
Conceptualisation of VVS as a 'what' pathway1982
VVS = 'vision for perception'1995
Demonstration of 'episodic-like' memory in scrub jays2001
Conceptualisation of DVS as a 'where' pathway1982
Dividing attention during learning reduces remember, but not know responses1990
Sensory/functional distinction1984
Occipital damage => implicit deficit1995
DVS = 'vision for action'1995
Spreading activation model of semantic memory1975
Unitary Semantic Store1990
Generalised increasing semantic deficit as semantic dementia progresses1995
Fusiform cortex activation during priming2003
Double dissociation between semantic impairments in picture and word defining1994
First author to argue that memory was reconstructive1899
Gross MTL lesions impair remember and know responses; hippocampus specific reduces remember responses2002
Distributed semantic model2001
Impairments on living vs non-living things and vice-versa1983,1984
Defined difference between explicit and implicit memory as presence/absence of conscious recollection1987
Encoding Specificity Principle1973
Frontal lobe damage correlates with impairment of source memory better than does hippocampal damage2002
Distinct, but overlapping traces for episodic and semantic memory retrieval2005
Dissociations found within non-living/living categories2003
Context-Dependent Recall in Scuba Divers1975
Impairments in recollection AND familiarity occur with hippocampal lesions2003
Car-crash study: memory reconstruction1974
Remember/Know Procedure1985
Masked repetition of the target or an unrelated word affects know responses but not remember1993
HM is unimpaired at mirror drawing1984
Typicality effect1973
Increased activity of hippocampus following remember, but not know responses2000
Argues that episodic and semantic systems are not disocciable1998
Semantic hub model2007
Pyramid and palm trees task: double dissoc. between semantic/episodic in AD and semantic dementia pts.2002
First author to distinguish between semantic and episodic memory1972
Reported Semantic Dementia1975
Semantic knowledge represented as a 'tree' with info on various semantic levels1969
Familiarity and Recognition Model of Recollection1980
Increased activity near perirhinal cortex following know responses2003
Kids with intact(ish) semantic memory but grossly impaired episodic after perinatal hypoxia1997
MTL amnesics unimpaired on implicit tasks1984
Frontal function correlates with source memory performance, hippocampal fn does not1995
Discovered a Ribot gradient in episodic amnesia, using a professor's autobiography1986
Generate-Recognise Model of Memory1972
pts. PS/SS showing distinction between episodic and semantic within MTL lesions1998
MTL activated during LTM encoding/retrieval1995
Investigated Role of Depth of Processing on Explicit Memory1972
Aetiology of Semantic Dementia1992
HM was impaired on acquisition of semantic, as well as episodic memories1988
SPI Model 1998
Multiple Input Hypothesis2000
Dysfunctional areas in schizophrenic pts show activation in health controls during decision making about whether stimuli are externally/internally generated2006
Frontal lobe pts show impaired source memory1988
Source memory can be dissociated from recognition by forcing a rapid choice1994

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