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Can you name the Hurricaine Katrina?

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QuestionAnswerFurther info
Date hurricane struck land?
Main area affected?
What category hurricane was Katrina?type in category then number
Height of storm surge? (meters)
Height of floods after? (meters)Worsened by the shape of the area
Number of levee breaches?
Percentage of area flooded?
People sought refuge mainly in....Social factor as the local teams could not continue with games
A lot of people stayed.....This increased number of deaths
Number of people made homeless?
QuestionAnswerFurther info
Number of people killed?
Cost of damages? (in billion dollars)MEDC area cost more to repair but have less deaths
Flooding causes 1Low pressure can cause this anyway however hurricaines make this worse
Flooding causes 2
Solution 1Instant help to prevent more water entering the area
Solution 2Coastguards did this to prevent further deaths
Solution 3Given to victims to help with future survival
Solution 4So that victims have a place to stay (long term)
Solution 5To prevent disease and further drowning
Main water bourne disease to kill peopleonly 8 people killed by this in Katrina however in Haiti 3750 people have been killed by cholera and is still rising

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