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Forced Order
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I don't live for the world, I live for the king, I live for the king
You know what my name is, Rhyme-Slayer. Stop Nathan. Whoa!
I ain't sleepin' lately, yes i know that i'm the only one that can change me
i dont wanna hear the sorry's, im tired of all the talken to be honest id rather see a difference
I'm back did anyone miss me?
is that me or the fear talking? i don't know anymore
Maybe you should spend a little less time with the women on your arms and a little bit more with your career
I guess we connect on our hatred for pills
We dont wanna have a conversation, we dont wanna think about it we just wanna fake it
I am lost, i am lost, if i ain't got you i ain't got nothing at all
Go back to my moments album, Most of y'all don't even know what i'm sayin'
They say that pictures dont change just the people inside of them do
Hang up the phone i regret it right after see this was a chance i just couldn't pass
Rappin' in the car outside daily we don't care if its the winter we don't care if it's the summer
Pills got you right?
Apologies don't mean a thing if you never fix it
I'm not complaining, I'm just being honest i promise i will not beg for respect
I'm my own worst critic so critics step your hate game up
I use to hand out my demo's at shows like listen to me
I mean what i say and i say what i mean
You only get one life and every time you look into yours, you feel like everything you have is a waste
Sometimes i look up to the sky and wonder if you see us down here
Faith is something i am not accustomed to
I guess that your definition of violence and mine is something that we look at differently
im scared to live but im scared to die, if life is pain then i've buried mine
I know it sounds funny but its real life, I'm pulled over 'cuz i died at a red light

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