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In what year did India become a republic?
What is the smallest Asian country by land area?
How many Japanese Emperors have preceded current Emperor Akihito?
What is the largest lake in Asia?
In what year did Bangladesh declare independence from Pakistan?
What is the country formerly known as Ceylon called today?
Approximately what percentage of the world's population lives in Asia?
What is Asia's longest river?
How many ethnic groups does the PRC recognise live in China?
Which Asian country holds the world's largest Muslim population?
How many countries are there in Asia?
What country introduced the chilli to Asia?
In what century was Sikhism created?
What is the current ruling dynasty of Thailand?
In what year did Iran become an Islamic republic?
What predominantly Asian country has its capital in Europe?
In what year was the establishment of the State of Israel declared?
What is the largest island in Asia?
What is the official name of Taiwan?
How many emirates constitute the UAE?

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