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The Mystery Machine, e.g. + Famous Loch + Amazement + Posterior Side
Adding result + Ag Library + Unfreeze + Email Response, abbr. + Ali's Letter from 90's Show
Deflect, as a sword + Sellable product + Result of boyhood
Mr. Crapper + Large Gap
6th of the 5 W's + Lexical item + Sage and Learned
Hercules's paramour + Not out + Black bird + Family members
Rivulet + Two Halves + '_____ the barricades!'
'______ de lune' + Go to the Alley + Plus
'The steep, steep side of _____ Lomond' + PC opposition + Line, to a Brit + Emerge victorious
Takes to court + Mrs. Hathaway + Confederate General Robert E. + Pain exclamation
Water Closet + Not a lad + An old lad
Latin 'law' + 'Dough' + Woman counterpart
Indefinite article + 'Nope,' followed by 'brah' + Positive response + High-pitched fear exclamation + Japanese breadcrumbs
Russian 'yes' + Leg joint + Shout + Crazy Veep Aaron + Third scale degree + Vowel-less Asian Surname + Unkosher Roast
Mr. Gibson + Exists, in the present + Caught a glimpse of + Tonic partner + Olympic goal
60-69% + Archaic Parisian Currency Units
Best Grade + Idiotic + Not amateur + Extended 'Big Red Team' Sound
Toilet + Corridor
What crosshairs improve + Not you + Philly Ivy + 'Gross'
This one's a big different: Like Pharrell + Boticelli's '______ of Venus' + Latin 'God'

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