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Samuel's interpretation of New Kingdom beer holds that what ingredient was unnecessary?
What honeyed low-quality wine was used to win over the people?
What was the slanderous name of the pyramid builders paid in beer?
What Sumerian poem provides evidence for various types of beer and mentions wine?
Does McGovern think beer or bread came first in Egypt?
In Mesopotamian brew houses, what kind of people served as sabutim (tavern owners)?
Other than Bacchus and Dionysos, what name did the Romans use for the wine god?
What Chinese dynasty, from 1600-1050 BC provides bronze tripods with evidence for millet wine?
What phrase, emphasizing enjoying luxury, was coined by Horace?
Wine jugs were used to date the death of what post-Amarna period pharaoh?
What unkempt beast-man is created to challenge Gilgamesh, although they become friends after fighting?
Other than oinos, what word is used for Greek wine?
What religion or spirituality did the wine poets espouse?
What substance is indicative of the former presence of beer?
What word, repeated 0-2 times on an Egyptian wine jug, indicates quality?
By 1st c. BC, what was the dominant drink on the European coast?
What word is used for beer in the Pyramid texts?
What was the most highly-valued type of wine in Roman times?
What mysterious wine found in Tutankhamun's tomb has been recently discovered to be likely a red wine?
The Franks rebuilt European viticulture under what ruler?
The absence of what ingredient accounts for the fact that ancient wines were sweeter?
What royal figure, whose tomb was excavated at Ur, was buried with vast riches including a gold drinking straw and lapis lazuli cup?
What major Egyptian goddess almost destroys humanity before getting drunk and falling asleep accidentally?
What process does McGovern use to find remains of drinks?
What smaller, wide, flat vessel was used for individual Mycenaean drinkers to drink out of?
Were women invited to symposia?
What region of Egypt was known for its wine culture?
Who was the Roman native of Cadiz who wrote the second piece entitled de Re Rustica?
What Chinese dynasty, from 1050-260 BC provides tripods, pourers, cups, and goblets that give evidence for rice and millet wines brewed with mold?
What is the term for the drinking of wine at the end of Shabbat?
The amount of labor required in production made what beverage the Egyptian elite beverage?
What is traditionally thought to have been in the jars on the Uluburun shipwreck?
In what text does Hathor nearly wreck the world?
In what language do we find Cretan records of wine consumption, vessel cargoes, and mead offerings?
What is the name for the worst wine in Rome made from skins and washing off the presses?
Seeing the excessive drinking of what beverage helped the Israelites justify the expulsion of the native Canaanites?
The grogs in the Havor Hoard in the 1st C. BC were sweetened with sap from what tree?
The eruption of what mountain in 79 AD destabilized Roman wine production?
New Kingdom vineyards' ability to produce good 1st must wines allowed them to make what color wines more effectively?
Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a naturally occurring form of what ingredient?
Anxiety over colonization is expressed through stories in what epic?
What writer rated the best wines of the Roman world with high praise for Greek wine in his 'Geographica?'
What Carthaginian farmer writes about viticulture and is quoted by most major viticultural writers?
What story of an Egyptian sailor in the Levant references the profusion of wine there?
What drink in present in the 2500 BC Ebla sun-god hymn (the earliest Mesopotamian literary reference to alcohol)?
What theory posits that wine spread southward from the Caucasus region (based on the genetic diversity of grapes in the region)?
What strong-smelling preservative gave a turpentine-like smell to early wines?
What Roman moralist and 'Censor' disliked drinking and frivolity, though he was a great vintner?
What metaphor is used by Jesus in the book of Mark for the people?
What two food staples does Standage think derived from gruel?
What Roman author satirized Cato and celebrated drinking culture?
What kind of Uruk is the central figure of an epic that depicts him as divine, perfect, and a rapist?
What is a Sumerian 'place of beer and bread'
The Domitian Edict of 92 AD protected native Italian wines by calling for no new vines where?
What is the name given to the images produced by many cylinder seals from 2100-1600 BC where an intermediary god or goddess introduces a royal figure to a major god?
What is the name for Roman wine bars located near hot baths?
What did Plato call the mass anarchy resulting from unmoderated desire for liberty?
Where did Egypt import most of their best wines from as its own wine industry developed?
What Roman leader and lover of Cleopatra was slandered as a drunk in Plutarch's history?
What story depicts two gods in what is probably the first ever recorded drinking contest?
On the skins of what is Saccharomyces cerevisiae naturally found
According to Diodorus Siculus, what region was exceedingly addicting to wine in the Roman era?
What is the enzyme that humans have to process alcohol?
Who wrote De Agri Cultura?
How would one refer to food generally or wish someone a good day in the Egyptian Old Kingdom?
What troubled monk's viticultural activities displayed the adoption of the practice in the monastic community?
What feature of grape growing does Columella consider to be the most important part of a good wine?
What is the Sumerian term for brewer's bread?
What is the term for the drinking of wine at the beginning of Shabbat?
What writer listed the best and worst wines of the Roman world in his Natural History, with a strong bias towards Italian wines?
What substance do we have the first evidence of in the Near East at Tel Rehov?
Who is the tavern-keeper at the end of the world in the Epic of Gilgamesh?
At what event would you sit on a triclinium and eat off of a mensa?
What is the name for Mycenaean grog?
What is the name for the everyman's wine bar in Rome?
What piece by Petronius satirizes the Roman feast and comments on class?
At what site was a seal with two drinkers of beer with straws from the years around 3850 BC found?
What Neolithic-era site from 7000-5600 BC in China holds evidence of grape or hawthorn, honey, and rice grog?
What song of praise to a Sumerian beer goddess describes the process of beer making?
What god attempts unsuccessfully to seduce Gilgamesh?
The Ashkelon deep-water project excavated two wine-laden ships from what culture?
What was the preferred drink of the Assyrian elites?
What is the process of using mold to speed brewing?
What are the two-handled wine jugs with pointed bottoms made for shipping called?
What major archaeological find (from ~1300 BC) contains evidence of Cypriot, Egyptian, Levantine, and Mycenaean goods being traded together?
What Roman emperor had a banqueting room in the Sperlonga cave?
What site, from the c. 3200 BC Uruk expansion period, provides evidence for beer and wine?
What process is the difference between green and black tea?
What key site in Syria holds evidence of thriving wine trade in the Phoenician era?
What author addressed the anthropological uses of alcohol and elite relationships?
What two drugs does McGovern think were added to Nordic grogs?
Per McGovern, how much older is Chinese grog than Japanese Sake?
Who is the Egyptian goddess who is specifically a beer god?
What substance is referred to by the Uruk tablets that mention 'Geshtin?'
What Mycenaean vessel indicates the rise of a rich elite and metal trade?
What Roman writer parodies Horace saying that the drunk feels he is seizing the day when he has lost the next day?
What is the word for a juice that has been exposed to yeast and is extracted in stages?
At what site is the evidence for the first fermented beverage in Mesopotamia (c.5000 BC) found?
What major Greek civilization followed the Minaons?
What alcoholic beverage is the first one developed in Egypt?
What Chinese poet is the most notable of the 'wine poets' who were the first writers about alcohol?
What drink was found in the Phoenician city of Phrygia's 'Midas tumulus?'
Who was the twice-born god who grew more unruly over time in stories?
Wine displaces what two drinks in Europe through Roman influence?
What Egyptian text emphasizes table manners saying 'He who is blameless in matters of food, no word can prevail against him?'
What young woman's burial in Denmark included a birch bark cup with remains of a wheat, cranberry, bog myrtle, etc grog?
What Roman emperor held Dionysiac feasts on enormous barges on Lake Nemi?
What is the name of the room with a floor drain that symposia took place in?
What is the name of Wang Ji's most famous work?
Who wrote the first piece entitled De Re Rustica?
What Mesopotamian document records harsh punishments for improper actions by tavern owners?
What substance is indicative of the former presence of red wine?
What Egyptian wisdom text warns against overdrinking specifically?
Does Joffe or McGovern think that Egypt developed its own wine industry c. 3500 (1000 years earlier than most think)?
What D18 official's tomb is covered in vineyard designs?
What Roman writer about viticulture was concerned about profit and economization, reflecting the later era?
What sweetener was used to make alcoholic drinks and to add to beer in the Levant and Africa?
What Roman emperor established the Eastern Roman empire as a Christian state and fostered viticulture?
The Ebers Medical Papyrus recommends what as a remedy for indigestion, constipation, etc?
What metaphor is used in Isaiah for the People of Israel?
What document full of interpretations of Jewish law speaks highly of the use of wine?
Who was the Mesopotamian 'Noah' who paid the ark builders in beer and wine before letting them drown?
What was called 'irp' by 2800 BC in Egypt?
What theory, posited by McGovern, holds that animals accidentally discovered alcohol?
Tomb U-j at what Egyptian site has 700 jars tagged as wine jars made of Jordan Valley clay?
The Funnel beaker, Baden, and Bell beaker cultures are examples of drinking cultures on what continent?
What is the name of the 4000 liter jugs used by the Romans for large-sclae wine storage (but rarely shipping)?
What lavishly decorated item, discovered in royal graves at Tell Muqqayar, depicts war and banquet scenes with beer drinkers?
What role did the Chinese 'shi' occupy in ancient Chinese society?

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