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Environmental Leaders
Wrote 'The Tragedy of the Commons' and 'Lifeboat Ethics' 
Created the Deep Ecology movement 
Wrote 'A Sand County Almanac' 
Founded the Sierra Club 
Wrote 'Silent Spring' 
Wrote 'Nature' 
Increased protected land with Forest Reserves Act 
Wrote 'Wildnerness Essay' 
Wrote 'River of Grass' 
Created the CCC 
Environmental Circulation Cells
Cells closest to equator 
Cells in between other two 
Cells closest to poles 
Soil Horizons
Rich in nutrients; Topsoil 
Weathered bedrock 
Highly leached; Not always present 
Decomposed organic matter 
Zone of Illuvation; Rich in aluminum and iron 
Types of Coal
Softest grade of coal 
Hardest grade of coal; Cleanest burning 
Contains highest concentration of sulfur 
Significant Places
Most radioactive site in the world 
Most radioactive site in the United States 
Classic example of eutrophication 
Land heavily polluted by copper mining and smelting 
Area with wolves as a keystone species 
Freshwater body that has been reduced to a quarter of its former size 
The River of Grass 
Nitrogen Cycle
Conversion of atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia 
Conversion of ammonia to nitrates 
Conversion of nitrates to plant tissues 
Conversion back to ammonia 
Conversion of ammonia back to atmospheric nitrogen 
Layers of the Atmosphere
Layer with weather patterns 
Layer with the ozone; Temperature increases 
Coldest layer of the atmosphere 
Layer where UV radiation is absorbed 
Layer that converges with space 
Zonation in Lakes
Zone where light penetrates to the lake floor 
Zone that ends where light can no longer penetrate 
Zone without light 
Thermal Stratification in Lakes
Warm, upper layer of a lake 
Area of rapid temperature decline 
Colder, lower layer of a lake 

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