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Can you name the Correct American Girl Doll from the given description?

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Description American Girl Doll
Of the Civil War Era; lives in Philadelphia. Very close-knit with her family and is devastated when they are separated. Questioning of the status quo. She is intelligent, and brave
Lives in 1850's New Orleans. She is confident, bold, and loves the limelight. She can be outspoken, but sensitive and caring. Has interest in distant lands and traveling
Early 20th c. America during the 2nd wave of Europeans; lives in New York City. She is of Jewish Russian decent. She is confident and inspiring. She dreams of being an actress
Post-western contact, before permanent settlement by Caucasians; lives in Pacific Northwest. Has a great love for animals, and is very active. She acts before she thinks
Of the World War II Era; lives in Illinois. Loves to tap dance, wants to be original, and is obsessed with glamour. She is a big schemer, and finds it hard to be a follower.
Of the Peace & Love Era; lives in San Francisco. She is fun-loving, happy, and spirited. She stand up against the prejudices of the past. She plays sports.
Lives in 1850's New Orleans. She takes music lessons and enjoys singing. Was once a brave young child, but now is very shy. Good at math, but not French. Moved around a lot
Of the Great Depression Era; lives in Cincinnati. She likes square dancing and baseball. Thinks of herself as a reporter and factual writer. Loves adventures, and has strong pride.
Of the Edwardian Era; lives in New York City. Raised by her Grandma & Uncle. She is curious and questions the status quo. She feels it is very hard to be a young lady.
Lives in New Mexico, under Mexican rule. Has 3 older sisters. Very observant of her surroundings. Always trying to see the positive side of things and is Hopeful, caring & faithful
Of the Pioneer Era; lives in Minnesota. Born in Ryd, Sweden. She is a new pioneer. 'Brave' and 'Steadfast'. Loves animals, likes to try new things, can be stubborn at times
Of the Revolutionary War period; lives in Virginia. Spunky, brave, active, and independent-minded. Never afraid to speak her mind, and does not like the limitations put on ladies

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