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Can you name the five-letter words to complete this themed word ladder?

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The fourth month
'Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch ______ of water' (2 words)
'Doing taxes is such ______ in the butt' (2 words)
Iberian peninsula country
An unwelcome blotch on clothes
Straight-laced and traditional
Arise from a sitting position
Bare OR adjective for 'raving mad'
Our Sun is one of these celestial bodies
Scorches OR former name of a famous Chicago tower
On Wall Street, opposite of bulls
Bashes, thrashes, wins against
Dinghies, canoes, kayaks, etc.
Footware especially useful for work, hiking, winter etc.
Entertainment devices made of paper and requiring no electricity, but some imagination
Puts in the fridge for a bit
Mr. T might have said 'I pity the _____ who don't play Sporcle'

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