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Can you name the 4 letter words to complete this themed word ladder?

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[rung 1] A student's lodgings [1]_____ [3]______
[rung 2] An impending sense of [2] _____ ensues when a student does not study
[rung 3] A student's lodgings [1]_____ [3]______
[rung 4] Wooden cross
[rung 5] Nourishment
[rung 6] Parka part
[rung 7] Place to stow on a ship
[rung 8] Doughnut feature
[rung 9] Feeling _____ & hearty
[rung 10] A student's choice: study [10] _____ or the [11] _____?
[rung 11] A student's choice: study [10] _____ or the [11] _____?
[rung 12] Dads and sons, for example
[rung 13] Stag to doe, for example
[rung 14] An engineering student should study for a [14] _____ [19] ______
[rung 15] 1970s Korean War TV show
[rung 16] Vertical pole on a sailboat
[rung 17] Yom Kippur activity
[rung 18] Celebratory gathering
[rung 19] An engineering student should study for a [14] _____ [19] ______
[rung 20] A-One
[rung 21] Red staining vegetable
[rung 22] A good student deserves to relax with this beverage (if of age!)

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