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Three men have quarterbacked a team to four Super Bowl wins: Tom Brady, Joe Montana and ________
In soccer/football, the goalkeeper is the only player allowed to touch the ball with his/her ______
Formula 1 driver _______ was known as the Flying Scot
Great Britain has won an Olympic gold medal in men's ice hockey: T/F
The World Cup in football/soccer began in 1934: T/F
Team France has been entered in the most Olympic football tournaments: T/F
Which team has won the most Olympic gold medals in women's ice hockey?
How many minutes is a roughing penalty in hockey?
Which team has won the most championships in NFL history?
Which of these NFL franchises has never moved/relocated? A. Tennessee Titans B. Indianapolis Colts C. Atlanta Falcons D. Arizona Cardinals
Which of these drivers did not die in a NASCAR accident?: A. Dale Earnhardt B. Adam Petty C. Kenny Irwin D. Jeff Gordon
'Offside(s)' is not forbidden in A. Ice Hockey B. Football/Soccer C. Basketball D. American Football

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