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Which team has the most wins all-time in US college football? Is it Army, Michigan, USC or Texas?
This professional wrestler starred in the Princess Bride: Andre the ______
Whose Iron Man streak of 2130 consecutive games played in MLB did Cal Ripken break?
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played his entire career for the Los Angeles Lakers? True or False
The first Olympic games held outside Europe were held in this city: St. ______
The Brier is Canada's national men's championship in which sport? Is it university hockey, lacrosse, curling or boxing?
How many teams get relegated from the Premiership each season?
Is it possible to get a score of 5-4 in American football? Yes or no?
In cricket, how many players does the fielding team have on the field?
Three different universities have won the women's NCAA basketball tournament and had an undefeated season: Baylor, UConn and which other school?
What position in rugby union shares its name with this nickname for the world's oldest profession?
At which Slam has Serena Williams won the fewest championships?

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