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Forced Order
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Snake's voice actorMetal Gear Solid
Snake's former professionMetal Gear Solid
Whose body is used in terrorist negotiations?Metal Gear Solid
Name any rogue member of FoxhoundMetal Gear Solid
Revolver Ocelot's nicknameMetal Gear Solid
Important number located on the back of the CD caseMetal Gear Solid
The Russian weapons expertMetal Gear Solid
Japan-only game Meryl Silverburgh was originally fromMetal Gear Solid
Comic relief guard found in every gameMetal Gear Solid
Person who arrests the colonel and threatens to bomb Shadow MosesMetal Gear Solid
Explosive substance used by Revolver Ocelot to destroy the tankerMetal Gear Solid 2
Name the two chapters, in orderMetal Gear Solid 2
Otacon's stepsister, initials E.E.Metal Gear Solid 2
Name any member of Dead CellMetal Gear Solid 2
What Peter Stillman accidentally blew upMetal Gear Solid 2
Did he really lose his leg?Metal Gear Solid 2
What S3 Plan stands for (either one works)Metal Gear Solid 2
The female hostageMetal Gear Solid 2
What Snake and Raiden wear after beating the game three timesMetal Gear Solid 2
The name of the enhanced re-releaseMetal Gear Solid 2
Naked Snake's ironically named disastrous operationMetal Gear Solid 3
The miniature nuke given to Volgin by The BossMetal Gear Solid 3
Snake! You've created a...Metal Gear Solid 3
Name any member of the CobrasMetal Gear Solid 3
The End's sniper rifle of choiceMetal Gear Solid 3
Colonel Volgin's chantMetal Gear Solid 3
Area with the waterfallMetal Gear Solid 3
Snake's default camouflageMetal Gear Solid 3
Legendary snake-like creatureMetal Gear Solid 3
The name of the enhanced re-releaseMetal Gear Solid 3
Name any of the six actsMetal Gear Solid 4
Snake's robot helperMetal Gear Solid 4
The virus inplanted into GWMetal Gear Solid 4
Name any member of the Beauty and the Beast UnitMetal Gear Solid 4
Snake's special eyepatchMetal Gear Solid 4
The food that Sunny cooksMetal Gear Solid 4
Who really started the Patriots?Metal Gear Solid 4
What Big Boss and Solid Snake share in the epilogueMetal Gear Solid 4
Name any of the models for the Beauty and Beast UnitMetal Gear Solid 4
The game's theme or mottoMetal Gear Solid 4

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