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This 'country' was formed after a drive-way dispute in Australia
A fun project of Croatian Ċ½eljko Malnar.
With a capital at Backwoods, this micronation would be the first archipelago not surrounded by water.
Formed in Germany to protest nuclear weapons. It was soon reconquered by police.
An attempt at reviving the Roman Republic.
A town in North Wales declared a free borough by a Welsh prince, but not allowed into the UN.
You can apply for citizenship in this nation with no physical land claims simply by being over 18 and sending a letter requesting it.
The territorial claim f this nation is part of Western Antarctica
'A country without borders for peace loving people everywhere.'
Sweden claims it to be its province, it claims to be its own republic
A nations whose national language was Esperanto,, this nation was destroyed by Italy soon after its founding.
The only Matriarchy in the world with its own national anthem, supporting dominance of females over males.
In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this micronation is believed to have coined the term
An Island off of England whose kings frequently expressed claims to independent.
This nation was declared in the location of a former British military facility.
This tiny 'country' was briefly conquered by 'That guy with the glasses'
Sovereign over all of outer space.
A micronation formed from a New Zealand town, a goat has been elected its president.
Made for the purpose of tourism, this is normally considered a town in Quebec.
Named for the London road which staged a secession to form it.
An official sanctioned micronation in the area of Doubs, France.
Laying claim to a vast area of land in many places, including a house in Montreal, the flag of this nation has a smiley face on it.
With a blue yellow and orange flag, this was founded by George Francis Cruickshank in Australia.
Founded by gay rights activists, with a rainbow flag.

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