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In the first chapter, what sense triggers his memories about childhood
Is old Stephen a reliable source for the truth
Who's name does he refer to on an abnormal and unfamiliar way?
What object triggers his memory when touched
At the start of the book what colours does Stephen remember imigary with
Does Stephen originally remember random moments, chronological moments, whole scenes or the whole story
What month does old Stephen begin the story in
What place would old Stephen 'like to be off to' when his memory is triggered
Who tells old Stephen what the thing triggering his memories is
Why does old Stephen not recognise the name of the thing triggering his memories?
Complete the quote: 'Everything was as it was, I discover when I reach my destination, and everything...............'
After how long does Stephen return to his childhood home
Complete the quote: ' even the.......has changed'
How does old Stephen refer to young Stephen making them seem like different people
What is old Stephens job?
Why does Stephen go back to his childhood home? Because there has been something 'forgotten', 'unresolved' or 'unfinished'

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