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In which episode did Ted try to find 'the one' during halloween
Marshall and Ted encounter an old friend from college who has incredible bad luck
The gang find out about robins teen life
Marshall starts to get attracted to his co-worker because he's been with her for a very long time
The gang finds out the problems with each other that they haven noticed
Ted finds the roommate of his future wife and barney has to make a tough decisions
Barney and Marshall make a bet that Barney can't cook as well as the cooks at the restaurant
Ted throws three party's to see robin again
Ted and Barney go to an airport to pick up girls
Ted wakes up in his bedroom with a girl and a fruit next to him
The gang find a tape of Barney in his twenties singing a song to a girl who left him
Barney goes on The Price Is Right to find his 'father'
Marshalls slap bet countdown comes to an end during the gangs first thanksgiving together
The gang try to keep themselves from finding out the scores of the Super Bowl
Robins old looser boyfriend comes and she was still atracted to him
The gang try to find an old burger restaurant that Marshal had the greatest burger at
Robin wants to prove herself to the man who appeared naked in her apartment
Everybody in the gang explains how they met each other and Ted meets his new girlfriend over World of Warcraft
The gang attends Marshall's fathers funeral while Marshall tries to discover what Marvin's last words to him were
The gang attend yet another thanksgiving together were Marshall lets Robin or Ted have a go at slapping barney
Ted learns the rain dance to stop Robin from going on a business trip
Ted tries out a pick up line that Barney came up with for him, whilst being in a relationship
Marshall goes on a date with a women who has 'crazy eyes'
Barney 'accepts a challenge' to score one girl for every day in one week
The gang has one of their biggest fight trying to decide which of two animals is cuter
Zoey tries to hook up Ted with her not-so-smart cousin (played by Katy Perry)
Ted and Robin have sex to avoid arguing
Marshall and Barney find Lily's Doppleganger and Ted goes on a blind date that he already went on
Barney thinks that he has found his father who is only his brothers father
The gang see who knows New York the best by racing to McLarens using different transportation

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