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First name of Gil Galad
Creator of the Silmarills
The fifth son of FeanorCalled the Crafty
He who gave the elven ring Vilya to ElrondVilya was also called the ring of saphire
He who gave the elven ring Narya to GandalfNarya was also called the ring of fire
The name of the elven ring of adamant
The final Vala to come to ArdaHe was the greatest in strength and in power
The lord of the water/sea (a Vala)
The Vala who led the Elves from Cuivienen
The name of the numernorean tower in the circle of isengard
The name Turin bestowed on the sword Anglachel
The steersman of the moon
The name that Beren gave to Luthiena poetic word for nightingale
The one who aided Melkor in the destruction of the trees of Valinor
The last child of Ungoliant
Which members of the Fellowship who were alive at the end of Return of the King did NOT eventually pass over the sea?
The captain of the Balrogs...
Who slew this grandson of Finwe
QuestionAnswerExtra info
Who eventually slew the captain of the balrogs, but was himself slain in the act
the daughter of Celeborn...
...who married...
...who had these two sons...
...who were friends to this man, who eventually became King of Gondor...
...the son of
By what name os Greenwood the Great also known?
Which ring-bearer does Gollum kill?
Which of the Istari is also known as Curunir by the Elves?
Which of the Istari was known as Olorin in Valinor?
Gwaihir an Landroval are two of the three eagles who save Frodo and Sam from mount Doom, what is the name of the third?
The name of the father of all
The name of the great wolf of Angband who bit off the hand of Beren
The fourth son of FeanorCalled the Dark
The brother of Elrond
The smith and master of crafts (a Vala)known for his making of Dwarves
The name of the knife used by Beren to cut the Silmaril form Morgoth's crownmeans 'Iron cleaver'

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