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In what state does the movie take place?
What is the number of the most haunted room?
What are two of Wendy's favorite colors?
What smell does Mr. Hallorann liken the 'shining' to?
What line does Jack type over and over again?
What color dresses are the ghost twins wearing?
What game is Danny playing in the game room when he first sees the twins?
What historical group was the family discussing when driving to the hotel?
What object does Wendy use to knock Jack down the stairs?
Where on the property does Jack finally die?
What food does Mr. Hallorann offer Danny when they first meet?
What is Danny's favorite food?
What alcohol does Jack order at the bar?
What did the twins try to do to the hotel?
Besides writing, what is Jack's profession
What color is the bath tub with the crazy woman?
How does Jack end up dying?
What is the family's last name?
What is the name of the little boy who lives in Danny's mouth?
What catch phrase does Jack say when he beaks his head through the bathroom door?

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