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Can you name the following terms from the Atomic Theory Unit?

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charge of a neutron
able to be hammered into thin sheets
group 17 elements
number of valence electrons in group 15
atomic number of hydrogen
number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus
non-reactive elements, found in group 18
has properties of both metals and non-metals
poor conductors of thermal energy and electricity
located outside the nucleus, negatively charged
able to be drawn out into wires
mass of an electron
number of groups on Periodic Table
number of periods on Periodic Table
inside nucleus, positive charge
inside nucleus, neutral charge
mass of neutron
number of neutrons in carbon, atomic number 6, mass number 12
number of electrons second shell can hold
number of electrons first shell can hold
electrons on the outermost shell
atoms of the same element with a different number of neutrons
anything that speeds up a chemical reaction
Scientist who came up with popular model of the atom
Scientist who developed first Periodic Table of the Elements
Scientist who said the atom is mostly empty space

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