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Can you name the average number of days played by each of these Survivor veterans?

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ContestantAverage Number of Days PlayedTotal Number of Days Played
Alicia Calaway
Amanda Kimmel
Amber Brkich (Mariano)
Ami Cusack
Andrea Boehlke
Aras Baskauskas
Benjamin 'Coach' Wade
Bobby Jon Drinkard
Brandon Hantz
Brenda Lowe
Candice Woodcock/Cody
Cirie Fields
Colby Donaldson
Colton Cumbie
Corinne Kaplan
Courtney Yates
Danielle DiLorenzo
Dawn Meehan
Eliza Orlins
Ethan Zohn
Francesca Hogi
Gervase Peterson
James Clement
James 'J. T.' Thomas, Jr.
Jenna Lewis
Jenna Morasca
Jerri Manthey
Jessica 'Sugar' Kiper
John 'Cochran' Cochran
ContestantAverage Number of Days PlayedTotal Number of Days Played
Jon 'Jonny Fairplay' Dalton
Jonathan Penner
Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien
Katrina 'Kat' Edorsson
Laura Morett
Lex van den Berghe
Malcolm Freberg
Michael Skupin
Monica Culpepper
Oscar 'Ozzy' Lusth
Parvati Shallow
Phillip Sheppard
Randy Bailey
Richard Hatch
Rob Cesternino
Rob 'Boston Rob' Mariano
Rudy Boesch
Rupert Boneham
Russell Hantz
Russell Swan
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Shii Ann Huang
Stephenie LaGrossa
Sue Hawk
Tina Wesson
Tom 'Big Tom' Buchanan
Tom Westman
Tyson Apostol
Yau-Man Chan

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